Systemic Leadership/Decision making
3D Systemic Organisational Constellation

Using 3D systemic technology become a ‘systemic’ decision maker. As systemic decision makers we are aware of the system’s interconnected parts and how our decision will affect the system.

  1. You would like to learn a new skill – ‘systemic’ diagnosis and decision making
  2. You would like to test the systemic outcome of your decisions in a safe environment
  3. You would like to improve your team/department communication and collaboration
  4. You would like to learn how to make decisions quickly
  5. You would like to have deeper understanding about the underlying systemic dynamics – that may be impacting your organisation, department or team!

Dates 2024

Enrolment in new group September 2024


Regular price: 590 euro
Installment payment possible


Iva Mia Kruslin
Certificitified Systemic Constellation coach

WHY 3D systemic constellation

Systemic constellation coaching approach is a solution-focused process, which helps decision makers of organizations to identify the complex, often informal, relationships and inter-dependencies within their organization and to develop a deeper understanding about the underlying dynamics in a very time and cost-efficient manner.

Constellations help us to receive more information quickly and gain insight into a holistic perspective of a business situation. This helps decision makers make better decisions.  The practical application of business constellations can refer, for example, to the detection of blockages within the organization or department. This can manifest as, a drop in productivity or sales, frequent conflicts within the team, leadership problems, etc.  

With the help of the constellation, it is possible to test certain things, in a safe environment, before making a decision: e.g. recruitment, choosing new partners, product positioning, changing strategy, etc.

WHO is it intended for

This workshop is intended for all who would like to develop ‘systemic’ skills and better navigate themselves and their decision making process within a team, department or organisation.

You Will Do...

Individual Systemic Constellation

Individual Systemic Constellations are offered when you would like to gain a deeper insight in a situation to help you make a better decision.
It can be a personal or business issue – it is live or oline – English and Croatian.

Price: 110 euro
Duration: 1 hour
Pre- constellation: 30-45 min initial talk
Method: Live or online
Language: English or Croatian


The training was useful and very expertly conducted. I gained interesting business insights what I implementing in my work surrounding. I learned techniques that I regularly use in my daily decision making process. The tools can be applied in fostering better team work, increasing motivation, assessing how the new person will adapt to the team dynamics, recruitment process and it effect on company dynamics, etc. The atmosphere at the training was pleasant and stimulating for learning and exchanging opinions

Danijela Babić – from company Pevex


As an architect I find myself working on several projects at the same time, which often leads to confusion.

Business constellations tool helped me to look at my entire business situation from a wider perspective, to determine priorities and solve them step by step.

This significantly contributed to my higher productivity and quality of my projects.

Phd.Ivana Banović Đorđević architekt


Constellations are an exceptional tool with which we can quickly find solutions to our problems in an intuitive way. According to my personal experience, participating in business constellations provided deep insights for me into solving complex business and personal topics .

Jasminka Barbarić, Ministry of health, advisor

Systemic Business Constellation Lab
infosyon certified professional

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