Successfully Held Adaptive Leadership MasterClass at ZSEM

I am thrilled to announce the success of the recent Adaptive Leadership MasterClass held at the Zagreb School of Economics and Management (ZSEM). It was an honor to organize this event, bringing together leaders from various industries for an inspiring and enriching experience.

My special thanks go to Stefano Zordan, the founder of the Adriano Olivetti Leadership Institute from Italy, who led the MasterClass with unparalleled expertise and insight. Stefano, utilizing the esteemed Harvard University curriculum, provided participants with valuable tools and perspectives needed to effectively navigate the complexities of modern business environments.

One of the highlights of the MasterClass was Stefano’s profound insight on leadership: “Leadership is not natural. You only need leadership if you care about something. If I do not care about a company or a country I am not going to put myself out there to work with these difficulties”.

This statement encapsulates the essence of true leadership – the necessity of passion and commitment. It resonated deeply with all attendees, reinforcing the importance of caring and dedication in overcoming challenges and driving success.

The professionalism and enthusiasm of all participants were evident and instrumental in making this event a resounding success. I am grateful to everyone who joined us, contributing to a day filled with learning, growth, and inspiration.

At my organization, I believe in the power of continuous development and the transformative impact of effective leadership. Events like these reaffirm my commitment to fostering environments where leaders can thrive, innovate, and lead with purpose.

Thank you once again to Stefano Zordan and all our participants. Together, we are building a future of strong, adaptive leaders ready to tackle any challenge.

Stay tuned for more events and opportunities to learn, grow, and lead with us!

Adaptive Leadership MasterClass at ZSEM