Companies That Care

A network of companies that believe in building resilience and increasing the wellbeing capacities of their employees. The training encourages lowering of sick days, fostering pleasant work environment and better service to company’s clients.


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WHY 'Companies That Care'?

The goal of the project ‘Companies That Care’ is to use mindfulness practice to strengthen (mental) health, well-being and internal capacities of employees in the private sector. The goal is to prevent increase of sick leaves and promote work efficiency, resilience, wellbeing and more empowering work atmosphere.

Phase 1: Awareness
Employees undergo an 8-week science – based mindfulness training. This program develops the skill of successfully dealing with stress, quality communication, increasing productivity, creativity, and mutual cooperation. It teaches them how to be well, healthy and create more mindful and effective workplace conditions. This stage is used as a prevention measure to lessen a number of sick-leave days and have a more healthy and mindful employees.

Phase 2: Apply
In this phase, employees use the acquired mindfulness skills (from Phase 1) and apply it on a 2–3-day retreat in nature. There they will be introduced to various outdoor activities where they will experience nature in a more subtle way. The goal of this phase is to increase personal resilience, raise awareness, and better connect with other team colleagues. 

Phase 3: Connect

Participants decide here on 1 voluntary local Project – i.e., planting trees, cleaning the environment or volunteering that they would like to do for their local community.

This is a phase when the recap of the project is done, with all the benefits experienced. In this phase the Project is presented to other coy employees to inspire others.


WHO offers?

Iva Mia Kruslin is a program manager of “Companies That Care”” overseeing each Project. Iva Mia Kruslin is an EAMBA qualified teacher  – certified from University of Oxford UK and Mindfulness Association UK.

HOW & WHEN offered:

Project is a collaborative project with you, planned to fit your rhythm and get you started soon so you can start benefitting from the early effects.

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