Cities and Municipalities That Care

A network of cities and municipalities that believe in building more resilient civil servants to encourage positive changes on the local community level. Nurturing the internal capacities of local civil servants results in providing better service to citizens. Scientific measuring before and after the official training of local civil servants is made.


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Cities and Municipalities That Care

The goal of the project ‘Cities and Municipalities That Care’ is to use mindfulness practice to strengthen the internal capacities of local government officials and public servants in local self-government to empower and better connect (with) their local community.

Strengthening the capacity of local officials is aimed at building their personal and organizational skills to achieve the strategic goals of the community.

How & When?

Project is a collaborative project with you, planned to fit your rhythm and get you started soon in order that you can start benefitting from the early effects.

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WHO offers?

IMC team offers trainings to empower (business) organisations by building resilience and increasing employees wellbeing. The training encourages lowering of sick days, fostering pleasant work environment and better service.

The NGO MIC-eamba has engaged the creator of the ‘Cities and Municipalities That Care’ program, Iva Mia Kruslin, as program manager overseeing each Project. She personally trains mindfulness teachers for each ‘Caring City/Municipality’ project, and also guarantees the quality of other teachers involved. Iva Mia Kruslin is an EAMBA qualified teacher – certified from University of Oxford UK and Mindfulness Association UK. She has personally trained local civil servants in the City of Nova Gradiška and Municipality Viškovo.

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