Business Systemic Constellations at the Business & Lifestyle Festival

I am thrilled to share my recent experience at the Business and Lifestyle Festival in Šibenik, where I had the honor of conducting a workshop on systemic business constellations. As a professional consultant, I often witness the transformative power of this method, but the opportunity to share my knowledge and passion with a dynamic audience was truly special.


Systemic business constellations are a tool that harnesses the power of an organization’s collective field to uncover hidden dynamics and provide a deeper understanding of business challenges. Through this workshop, participants had the opportunity to experience firsthand how constellations can identify blockages, find solutions, and enhance team cohesion.


One of the key aspects I emphasized during the workshop was the importance of leadership in the decision-making process. When leaders understand and apply the principles of systemic constellations, they become more aware of the impact their decisions have on the entire team. This awareness leads to the creation of a harmonious work environment where every team member feels valued and contributes meaningfully. Such an atmosphere not only increases employee motivation and engagement but also directly impacts the success of sales strategies and productivity.


During the interactive workshop, many participants expressed their enthusiasm for the practical application of these techniques. Their feedback was extremely positive, with many highlighting how they now better understand the hidden dynamics within their teams and how they can leverage this understanding to achieve better business outcomes.

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