Adaptive Leadership Lab

Adaptive Leadership Lab Iva Mia Coaching

Develop your leadership skills with an Harvard University adaptive leadership curriculum. Your business or organisation will be able to adapt to new challenges and opportunities while retaining its original goals and values.

Systemic Leadership/Decision Making

Systemic Leadership Decision making Constellation

3D systemic technology is a tool and method that supports us in our ‘systemic’ decision making process. It helps us to quickly gain insight(s) into a holistic perspective of our system (team/department/organisation). ‘Systemic’ decision making, is a process where we are aware that our decision will affect the whole system. We are also aware how it will affect it.

Wellbeing Program

Mindfulness in the workplace

Participants learn how to lead simple mindfulness exercises in the workplace to create a more pleasant working atmosphere and environment, more effective meetings and better interpersonal relationships.

Cities and Municipalities That Care

Cities and Municipalities That Care

A network of cities and municipalities that believe in building more resilient civil servants to encourage positive changes on the local community level. Nurturing the internal capacities of local civil servants results in providing better service to citizens.

Companies That Care

Companies That Care

A network of companies that believe in building resilience and increasing the wellbeing capacities of their employees. The training encourages lowering of sick days, fostering pleasant work environment and better service to company’s clients.