Adaptive Leadership Lab

Develop your adaptive leadership skills and get a flexible approach in an ever-changing environment. Your business or organization will be able to adapt to new challenges and opportunities while retaining its original goals and values.

The program offers:

Take control of change, bring innovation to your leadership!

Dates 2024

6 June 9.00-16.30
7 June 9.00 – 16.00

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Price: 895 euro

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First 3 registered - 30 min free consultation with Stefano


Zagreb school of economy and management -


Stefano Zordan
Iva Mia Kruslin

WHY adaptive leadership?

Adaptive leadership theory was founded by leadership experts, Harvard professors and authors Marty Linsky and Ronald Heifetz.Leaders who apply adaptive leadership theory go beyond addressing challenges and finding ways to solve them. They also anticipate challenges and are able to identify their root causes throught diagnosis and mapping.When change requires you to challenge people’s known reality of people, it can be hard, dangerous work. Regardless of the context, many will feel threatened when big changes are introduced- But as a leader you have to find a way to make it work.Adaptive leadership can be applied to a wide range of careers and sectors.

WHO is it intended for

The workshop is for middle and senior management and for those who would like to question traditional concepts about leadership.

WHO offers

Stefano Zordan, from Ivrea (Turin), Italy, is a graduate of Harvard University, where he learned the practice of Adaptive Leadership directly from its founders, for whom he worked as a teaching assistant. Coming back to Italy, he started spreading this framework by editing the Italian edition of “The Practice of Adaptive Leadership” (2018). He is also the founder of OLI, the first place-based leadership school in Italy. Member of adaptive leadership network.

Iva Mia Krušlin, is a graduate of Harvard University, where she learned the practice of Adaptive Leadership directly from its founders. Member of adaptive leadership network.


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